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hey, boo hey! I'm vixtee.

How'd I get here? god only knows! i do know it should have happened a lot sooner. I spent most of my adult life behind  bars. that's figurative not literal. i was an employee not a detainee. I've done many other things along the way like acting and radio. all of those paths have set me here and my god i'm so very thankful to finally wear this ceo hat. 

what i want to bring to you with my shop in all the things is fun, outgoing, outrageous at times, off the cuff, silly, down to earth, real, motivational, emotional, inspirational, sexy, classy, and just enjoyable, comfy, cozy, goodness with my t-shirts, sweatshirts, stickers, notepads, notebooks, and i'ma keep adding on so you just gotta keep up with me and keep coming back!

so, why should you shop with me?

- i work really really hard on everything i do. i stress over the tiniest of details because i want to bring you damn near perfection. It's all about giving you quality over here.

- i create and draw all my content and illustrations for my apparel and papers

- i enjoy sharing my knowledge as i obtain it. not gonna lie, i'm not the type to hold hands or babysit. I believe in the hustle and the struggle. I believe in researching the researcher and puttin' in the work. feel free to shoot me an email, dm, or chat.

- I am always thinking and over thinking about fresh new ideas to bring to the shop.

- I am always a chat away to answer  any questions about my products or to receive your comments or suggestions.


have you signed up for the affiliate program? how about the loyalty program? became a site member for the monthly freebies? what are you waiting for? i'm trying to give back lol.

fun facts

  • i love seafood. lobster in particular. don't forget the butter. i love to dip. yummy.

  • I have binge watched stranger things, claws, umbrella academy, p valley, and blacklist. love lifetime and all the crime shows.

  • i can't stand lizards. especially the fat ones with the curly tails. omg.

  • i'm a cane for life. although i don't know much about football. it is my alma mater though. good times!

  • i am a homebody. don't like driving or large crowds. i sleep most of the way on road trips.

  • i'm a youtuber and a gamer. love my virtual life platforms - imvu and second life.

  • I'm a virtual landlord, 3d content creator, and 3d mesher.


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